To motivate and inspire you for a better self.

Belief in human equality for a better world regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, language, religion or any other status.


The Idea of Clumsy Fight Club

We all have our inner demons.

We hear you and we’re just like you, we know how you feel inside with all the struggles towards your daily battles. Our fighters in Clumsy Fight Club are here to encourage you to push forward endlessly and grow stronger together. No matter how strong the demon inside us, countless obstacles and difficult challenges, these will not stop you until achieve your goal, your dream and arrive at your destined place!

Fighting your inner demons.

Clumsy Fight Club is a collection of 5,000 #NFT on the Cardano Blockchain that made of multiple layers and comes with more than 200 uniquely hand drawn traits designed possibilities. Hence, it makes every Clumsy Fight Club character a unique NFT just like every one of us. Although all our clumsy fighters are different from each other, but we have one thing in common that is never give up and keep fighting spirit even though against tough opponents.

Fight today for a better tomorrow.

Therefore, we hope our clumsy fighters able to motivate you to continue with every battle of your daily life until succeed.

Stay strong, be brave, to love, to be loved and be true to life.



When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back! – Dr Steve Maraboli

Have you ever had that feeling like there’s too much on your plate, or you feel that you are constantly being bogged down and depleted at times? You are not alone! Life knocks everyone down from time to time. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, and how we choose to overcome, ultimately, determines the course of our life.

It is with this in mind, Clumsy Fight Club is born. We believe that everyone of us is a fighter with our own stories. When MMA fighters fight hard on the Octagon, we see injuries. The harder they fight, the more bruises they get. But each time, they learned, and they get back up, they continue their fight. Likewise, in life, when life seems to beat us down, like what Dr Steve Maraboli said, we must dare to fight back, and never give up.

In Clumsy Fight Club, we want to create a space for fighters like you. We strongly believe in the power of encouragement. We want you to be able to interact and to uplift one another, sharing different perspectives in life. It is amazing the power that any form of encouragement can lift us up and carry us out of our darkness. We also believe in gratitude, as gratitude improves every situation. And we want to celebrate with you when you finish your fight and succeed at the end.

“Never give up, even though you are badly injured. Continue to fight for the very best until you reach your goal. Winners never quit!”

Injury Level

In our arts, all our fighters have 4 different injury levels. The more serious the damage the fighter gets, the more rare the fighter is because they fight persistently. And the injury level are as below:

Black eyed
Swollen eye


Apart from the injury traits, we have also breakdown into different skin and type of our fighters as per the following:

Praying Mantis

We hope you enjoy these arts as much as we do! Let’s move forward to build this interesting and optimistic community together. Cheers!


Our Team



_The Creator_  Atomic ideas and will never stop drawing!

Always fight for what you love and do whatever it takes to be happy.

_The Marketeer_  Beautify our social media platform.

Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of Success.


_The Chatter_  Our community builder.

If you want to be strong, learn how to fight alone.


_The Strategist_  Plan that is enhanced and extraordinary.

Fight for your future, not your past.


_Moderator_ The most awesome


_Moderator_ The most excited


_Moderator_ The most friendly


_The Developer_ Only overdose with vitamin <code>


Road Map


Community building is important to us as we believe that progress together with community will make this project grow stronger, eventually success  and last but not least, to have fun too!

Our Roadmap is intent to give you an idea what’s in our mind for Clumsy Fight Club. It’s NOT to entice you the project success. However, we do love to have you in our community and buy our NFT for what it is, awesome artwork and as a collectable NFT.

We’re actively gather feedback from our community and constantly squeeze our brains juice for future development. Therefore, our Roadmap may change from time to time. If you have the same vision as us, like our artwork or curious on what we’re doing, do join our Discord and follow our Twitter.

Q3 2022

• Fighter Pass Revewl
• Community Growth & Collaborations
• Fighter Pass Phase I Mint (525 Supply)
• Holder Contest & Giveaways

Q4 2022

• Fighter Pass Phase II Mint (525 Supply)
• Clumsy Fighter Phase I Mint (2500 Supply)
• Clumsy Fighter P2E Game Development
• Alpha Group Introduction

Q1 2023

• Holder Royalty Distribution
• Premium Merchandise Drop
• Clumsy Fight Club Live Event (Online)
• Clumsy Fighter P2E Game Drop

Q2 2023

• Clumsy Fighter Phase II 3D Mint (2500 Supply)
• Clumsy Fight Club Live Event (Online)





There are 5,000 unique Fighters #NFT and it has more than 200 uniquely hand drawn traits designed possibilities.

There will 2,500 of NFT drop in Phase 1.

Pre-Sale (Whitelist): TBA

Public Mint: TBA

Pre-Sale (Whitelist): 22 ADA

Public Mint: 25 ADA

Please use a Cardano Shelly-Era wallet. For examples: Daedalus, Yoroi, Ccvault, Nami and etc.

Please DO NOT use an exchange wallet as it is not supported. You will lose your ADA and will not able to receive your NFT token.

This will depends on a number of considerations such as network volume and popularity of the project.
Please allow for up to a full day to receive your NFT or a refund.

Visit and enter your wallet address in the search field box to view your NFT.

You can use it as your profile picture in your social media account (be proud of what you own), screen wallpaper or buy and sell – pretty much like an art piece.

For more fancy way to appreciate the art piece, you can even buy virtual real estate and display your NFTs in your property as virtual gallery.

If you’re not release them as new NFT collection, we’re happy to grant you the full rights to use for visual artwork, print it out on your tee, animation, basically anything.

Please don’t print out and hang it in your bathroom, it’s under utilise. I’m just saying 😆

You’ll receive a refund minus the transaction fees.


The Policy ID is unique and attached permanently to the asset. The Policy ID stems from a policy script that defines characteristics such as who can mint tokens and when those actions can be made.

Many NFT projects make the PolicyID under which the NFTs were minted publicly available, so anyone can differentiate fraudulent / duplicate NFTs from the original tokens.

Yes, there will be 5%. The fee will be used to fund future project development.


Is not part of our plan at the moment but we keep those options open.

We want to focus on offering utility – human touch kinda activity and reward back to our token holders, and also giving back to our awesome community.

We’ll are human after all and none of us are perfect, our competency and consistency may running low as we go. Hence, we want to get you back on track by accessing all the motivation + inspiration program that we have for our Clumsy Fight Club holders. #WAGMI

Beside that, you have voting power on some of our decision making!

Yes. In fact, we plan to give out to some of our members who actively take part in building a great community for this project as a token of appreciation!

We will announce in Phase 2 as we want to give you surprise, so stay tuned!